Concavus Spectrometers 凹面光柵光譜儀

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Concavus Spectrometers

CONCAVUS® Fiber Optic Spectrometers use a novel optical design which is different from the conventional planar Czerny-Turner and flat field grating design(FFG). FFG design uses fewer optical components than planar Czerny-Turner for better thermal and mechanical stability, but it still suffers in spectral & spatial resolution in large numerical aperture (NA) high light throughput optical design.

CONCAVUS® spectrometers are based on Xiang System, which are comprised of an aberration corrected concave grating and transmissive aberration correctors. It dramatically reduces the residual aberration in FFG designs and increases the spectral and spatial resolution even with a large NA. Along with the solid opto-mechanical design, CONCAVUS® series spectrometers enable customers to achieve higher performance in their applications.

  • The lowest Stray Light in the market.
  • Minimized optical aberration for high finesse spectral images; Low distortion.
  • Higher spectral and spatial resolution than conventional systems at high numerical aperture;
  • Excellent spectral images at NA=0.22 or higher, even at NA=0.6;
  • Fewer components and excellent thermal and mechanical stability;
  • Original holographic grating for lower stray light;
  • Higher linearity of spectral dispersion on detector for easier calibration.
Concavus Optical Design
Concavus Optical Design
Concave grating spectrometer spot diagram comparison
Concave grating spectrometer spot diagram comparison
Concavus 3D Rendition
Concavus 3D Rendition

Standard SMA connectors are used in CONCAVUS® systems. Custom input connector are possible.

The CONCAVUS® series comes with a 16 bit AD converter, and USB2.0 high speed interface. It is especially designed for high resolution measurements. Its integration time can be adjusted from 10us to seconds to cover a wide range of light input power.

The CONCAVUS® is equipped with terminal blocks Digital IO ports. These ports can be easily connected to other units for external triggering, shutter control, pulsed light sources, and GPIO controls and so on.

GratingWorks xspec GUI software
GratingWorks xspec GUI software

The CONCAVUS® series runs on USB power and comes with SPEC_SOFT GUI software for Windows, a complete manual and USB interface cable. Multiple CONCAVUS USB spectrometers can be connected to a PC for simultaneous control.

Optical BenchConcave grating with an aberration corrector. Xiang Design
Wavelength range184 - 1100 nm
ResolutionDepending on configuration (see product table)
Stray light< 0.05%
Dark noise30 stddev (no avg); less than 1 stddev with avg & Nyquist notch filter
DetectorToshiba TCD1304DG, 3648 pixels, 8 um x 200 um
Signal/ Noise>380, no averaging (Read More)
Dynamic range>2300 (No Averaging); > 10,000 (averaging)
AD converter16 bit, 1 MHz, 3.7 mx sampling time per spectrum
Integration time10 us - 65 s
Interface(standard SMA 905, others possible); USB 2.0 RS-232, 115.200 bps (optional)
Max transfer speed to PC275 scans/s (USB HS)
70 scans/s (USB2 FS)
1.2 scans/s (RS-232)
Digital IOTerminal Block. 6 GPIOs, External Trigger, Lamp Strobe
Power supplyUSB power, 110 mA
SeriesRange (nm)Spectral RangeFWHM/25 um SlitFWHM/50 um SlitDimension (mm)Weight (g)



Raman 785795-975200
Raman 532537-667130

*  please note that not all pixels will be used for the spectral range. Actual spectral range may extend beyond the specified range. 

Ordering Information:
HR01: HR01 spectrometer, 3648 pixel CCD detector, USB cable, XSpec_soft, 25um slit.
SLIT-XX: XX=10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500um

Temperature Stability Testing

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