AHR Spectrometers

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AHR series spectrometer by GratingWorks

AHR series spectrometer is based on patented passive athermal system and optimized asymmetrical Czerny-Tuner configuration. The system exhibits high thermal stability, low system stray noise, high resolution, and low signal distortion. Readout circuit is optimized through many design revisions to achieve the absolute minimum readout noise. Every aspect of details in the system is optimized  to achieve the best result possible.

  • High Quality Grating made from ultralow expasion  Corning Glass ULE®.
  • Lowest spectrum drift over wide temperature range in the industry with our Passive Temperature Stabilized Design. 0.003nm/oC in 910nm Range(Read More)
AHR Spectrometer Thermal wavelength drift
  • Industry’s first to integrated Linear Variable Long Pass Filter on cylindrical Lens. Reduce number of reflection surfaces.
Integrated cylindrical lens with CCD detector
  • Lowest Stray Light in the industry. (<10-4) (Read More)
  • Minimized optical aberration for high finesse spectral images; Low distortion.
  • High linearity of spectral dispersion on detector for easier calibration.
  • Selection from economical to high end CCD detector.
  • 29RMS readout noise in TCD1304.  No Harmonics show up in the DFT of the readout noise. The noise is white Gaussian and can be easily reduced using averaging.

Standard SMA connectors are used in AHR systems. Custom input connector is available.

The AHR series comes with a 16 bit 1MHZ AD converter, and USB2.0 high speed interface. Its integration time can be adjusted from 10us to seconds to cover a wide range of light input power. Version 2 AHR supports down to 3us integration time for TCD1304 detector.

The AHR is equipped with terminal blocks Digital IO ports. These ports can be easily connected to other units for external triggering, shutter control, pulsed light sources, GPIO controls and so on.

The AHR series uses very little power roughly 120mA, and it is fully USB powered.

GUI software XSPEC for Windows is fully implemented in Visual C++ with performance in mind. It is more responsive than software written in JAVA provided by other vendor considering the large amount of data from CCD.

Also included is the manual and USB cable. Multiple AHR USB spectrometers can be connected to a PC for simultaneous control.

AHR Technical Data

Optical BenchNon-Symmetrical Czerny-Turner
for higher degree of optimization
Wavelength range185 - 1100nm
Resolutiondepending on configuration (see product table)
Stray light< 0.2% in Normal Mode
<0.01% in Shutter Mode
DetectorToshiba TCD1304DG, 3648 pixels, 8 um X 200 um
Hamamatsu S11156
Hamamatsu S10420
Readout Noiseless than 30 stddev (no avg); less than 6.5 stddev with averaging of 10
Signal/Noise>380, no averaging (Read More)
Dynamic Range>2300 (No Avg)
>10,000 (Avg 10)
AD converter16 bit, 1 MHz , 3.7ms sampling time per spectrum
Integration time10 µs – 65 s (v1)
3us - 65 s (v2)
Interface(standard SMA 905, others possible); USB 2.0
RS-232, 115.200 bps (optional)
Max transfer speed to PC

(Measurement taken at 3720us Integration time)
70 scans/s (USB2 FS)
275 scans/s (USB HS)
1.2 scans/s (RS-232)
Digital IOTerminal Block. 6 GPIOs, External Trigger, Lamp Strobe
Power supplyUSB power, 110 mA

AHR Product List

SeriesRange (nm)Spectral RangeFWHM-25 μm Slit FWHM-50 μm SlitDimensions (mm)Weight (g)
AHR-01 190-9507600.8 nm1.6 nm114x111x45540
AHR-02190-11009101.2 nm2.0 nm114x111x45540
AHR-03190-5703600.45 nm0.72 nm114x111x45540
AHR-04 380-11007100.90 nm1.50 nm114x111x45540
AHR-05 380-7804000.60 nm0.91 nm114x111x45540
AHR-06190-4402500.30 nm0.46 nm114x111x45540
AHR-08260-5102500.45 nm0.6 nm114x111x45540
AHR-09185-3501650.25 nm0.4 nm114x111x45540

*  please note that not all pixels will be used for the spectral range. Actual spectral range may extend beyond the specified range. 

Ordering Information:
AHR02-XX-D: AHR02 spectrometer, 3648 pixel CCD detector, USB cable, Spec_soft, 25um slit.
-XX: slit size XX=10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500um

-D Detector option.

  • -T Toshiba TCD1304DG 3648Pixel Detector
  • -H1 Back-Thinned Hamamatsu S11156 Detector
  • -H2 Hamamatsu S10420

Temperature Stability Testing

Spectrometer Noise Analysis and Testing