High NA 0.22 Raman Spectrometer

We provide Raman spectrometers with high optical throughput at 0.22NA optical system.

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NA 0.22 Raman 785NA 0.22 Raman 785
Sugar Raman spectrum comparison

Raman Spectrometers

Optical Bench785nm NA 0.22 high throughput optical system
Dimension LWH97.5x89x27 mm
Wavelength range790-1055nm
Wavenumber Range81-3260 cm-1
Resolution 25um x 1000um slit0.6nm, 10 cm-1
Resolution 50um x 1000um slit0.8nm, 13 cm-1
DetectorHAMAMATSU-S13496, 4096 pixels
HAMAMATSU-S11510, 1024 or 2048 pixels
Readout Noise<8 stedev (no averaging) with S11510
Dynamic Range>5000 (No averaging)
AD converter16 bit, 250KHZ
Integration timeMinimum 9.4ms
Interface(standard SMA 905, others possible); USB 2.0
RS-232, 115.200 bps (optional)
Digital IOTerminal Block. 6 GPIOs, External Trigger, Lamp Strobe
Power supplyUSB power, 110 mA